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Carbon Cub
EX-3 & FX-3

Our new Carbon Cub EX-3 is an Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB) kit, and our new FX-3 is an addition to CubCrafters' FX (Factory eXperimental) builder-assist program.

Both variants are powered by an exclusive, all-new CC363i power plant that produces 187 hp. CubCrafters developed the new engine in partnership with Superior Air Parts and Aero Sport Power, The CC363i features fuel injection from Precision Airmotive, and dual electronic ignition by Lightspeed Engineering. Most impressive is the ultra-lightweight cold-air induction system developed specically for this engine.

New to the Carbon Cub family is the Hartzell Trailblazer constant-speed propeller. This is the same composite model installed on our flagship XCub, this time in 80" or 83" lengths. The combination of the new CC363i fuel-injected engine and constant speed prop on this lightweight aircraft is simply exciting!

Finally, the new models include upgraded fuselage and wing structures allowing an increased 2,000 lb gross weight limit, which is higher than any Carbon Cub to date.

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